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10 Ways in Improving Sales

Learn and use these tips in improving your sales:

  • Give your name and business the best marque. Top most in your list would be this: write articles and submit them to e-zines, websites, and press-release sites, local newspapers for publishing or republishing. Don’t forget to include your picture (if it’s possible).
  • Examine business and the people behind it that directly compete with you. You should learn all aspects that make them prosperous. Model your business after them. Don’t just copy them, put into practice what you’ve learned, and generate creative marketing strategies out from the learning.
  • Look for strategic business partner/s who are very determined to do business. Find those partners who are in to business and have a mindset similar to yours. By this, it is easy to trade leads, share market strategies and information, sell package deals, and many more.
  • Brainstorm as much as ideas as you can. You can concentrate even more in brainstorming if you take some time off. Sometimes, new and creative ideas just come in go in our brains. We never know which wild ideas can be of use, and could make your sales increase.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks. Sometimes, we tend to play safe in our business and hesitant to take a giant leap. Be wise enough in choosing which risks are worth taking. One example would be whether spending money for advertisements. Sure, there are ads that are for free, but sometimes people don’t pay much attention to free advertisements.
  • Ask people to review your website. It’s good to take other people’s perception about your site, than just sticking to your own point of view. Sure, for you it looks great and you believe it can attract much potential buyers, but what if others think of it differently? Which opinion shall you agree? Yours or theirs? Be flexible. It’s not much about what YOU like; it’s much more about what THEY like because THEY are the one who’ll buy your products.
  • Create a package deal which offers your product at the same time your excellent service. There’s a big chance such combination in a very convenient deal could increase your sales in no time.
  • Give back-end offers to your customers. After a purchase, never forget to suggest complimentary product(s).
  • Auction sales in your website. Organize an online action sale; make sure it could relate to your website’s theme. You’ll draw traffic from auctioneers and bidders.

You might be wondering and probably asking such similar question, “how come the tips are only nine?” No, we didn’t skip a tip; it’s only nine because it is now up to YOU, the reader, to come up a tip! We may have similar business-related experiences, but we accumulate different learning from those involvements.

Make it happen today.

Time to Attract new Customers

Feeling frustrated about generating quite a small amount of new business? That’s because your sole focus is mostly obtaining references from existing satisfied customers. It’s time to go on a lookout for new and fresh customers so your sales will increase productively.

Try a new marketing technique. Marketers always have marketing tricks on their sleeves. Some of these tricks are traditional and most probably common to all. Take a risk. If you try something new, you will attract new customers, and that will increase your chances on selling your products more than those regular customers of yours.

Ask for referrals. Ask your regular customers if they have any friends or relatives or close working relationships with other companies and request to refer your business to them. You could give discounts to those referrers as your sign of gratitude.

Creating an incentive referral program is simple and it can yield great results. The key is to give people a reason to refer business to you (aside from being a fine establishment) and to thank them for doing so. People like to be appreciated.

Fix your website and take advantage on social networking. Almost all people (in the world) spend as much time online as they do in front of the television. Nurture your online reputation. You can attract new customers by revamping your website. Update your webpage so that new potential customers will visit your site more often.

The Power of Follow-ups

The following up process is an important element of the sales process for many key reasons. Such process demonstrates your commitment to customer service, builds your customers’ loyalty, and helps generate repeat sales. Other reasons would be:

  • Follow Ups make your customers feel important.

By following up after your initial contact with a customer, it tells him/her that you are serious about doing business with him/her.

  • Follow Ups show that you care.

This shows you’re not that greedy enough to think of your own benefits.  You could get feedbacks from your customers if you give a follow up. This way you could correct anything that your customer was not happy with your product.

  • Follow Ups could increase sales opportunities.

After your initial meeting with your customer, one of two things happened. Either you got the sale, or your customer left still undecided.

If you got the sale, following up with your customer is important for reason stated in number two, plus you have an opportunity to upsell. But if you are left with an indecisive customer, a follow up could convince them to come up a good decision that both of you can be benefited from it.

Make your customer be aware of your intentions to follow up with them before they leave your desk, or hang up the phone. Customers remember businesses that provide good customer service. The simple step of following up a sale to ask what your customer thinks of your product will make them feel valued. They are also more likely to tell others about your business.

Follow-up should also be completed after the sale is completed. A quick telephone call after your product or service has been delivered confirms their decision to buy from you. Make it an effort to send every client a handwritten thank-you card once the sale has been confirmed and again when the services they requested have been delivered.

You can easily differentiate yourself from your competition by making the effort to follow-up with your prospects and customers. Don’t take it for granted that they will call you. Be proactive and contact them.

Persuading Potential Customers through Psychological Techniques

Every day we encounter these small-scale, usually low-stakes persuasive messages, designed to influence our attitudes and behaviors, even though we don’t always label them as such. Some of those messages we deflect or ignore. Others get through and are successful, sometimes despite our own best intentions.

If persuasion is a natural and inevitable part of the communication process, we might choose to learn how to get better at it (and we can get better!).  The reason it pays off to learn more about persuasion is that it will help you become more successful at achieving your goals. It’s no more complicated than that. There’s also an unstated assumption behind this reasoning: there are tested principles of persuasion that can be both learned and put to good use.

In this article, we gathered honest psychological techniques and not the work of a slick salesman, for you to persuade customers to keep on buying your products.

#1. Give a potential customer a gift.

                This method actually prompts your customer to buy more of your product at their own initiation.  When they feel your generous gesture, they respond beneficially. Such gesture also could earn trust from your customers.

Giving gifts can also help you build your email list. You can give away bonus reports and other free items to your customers in exchange for contact information.  This kind of approach is a form of PRE-SELLING – promoting by means of advertising and a condition (to a potential customer) in advance for later purchase of a product. It allows the customer to check you and see if you are legitimate. In this way, you are now slowly earning the customer’s trust. Plus, these customers are likely to buy more of your products.

#2. Determine what your customers want and present it to them.

You need to find customers that are interested in the niche area that matches your product. You should not expect to produce a product and then just place it out in the market for others to find.

#3. Offer freebies, discounts, and the likes once the customer has purchased your product.

One example I could associate with this tip would be coupons. Coupons can be tempting, and buyers are eager to collect coupons. The purpose of such bounce back offers is not only to prompt customer to buy in the first place, but to continue to buy your products and services well in the future.

These three psychological techniques are just a few among other techniques out there. Successful authors and promoters incorporate these tips in their marketing and promotion.

Multiply Your Conversion Sales without Breaking a Sweat

Whenever we learn something significant and new, we always get this overwhelming feeling. Today, I bet you’ll feel overwhelmed after reading this article and put this sheer amount of relevant information off to use.

Did you know that your sales can actually be multiplied by two, three or even ten times the current sales? There are tons of ways to fix up your sales copy for higher exchanges. You’ll be surprise to see such slight changes could inflict a very significant impact.

I know how much you are now eager to do some changes to your tactics, but before you do, you might want to make a test drive first. It’s best to carefully review each of these steps, and then apply them.

Make your site eye-catching.

Nowadays, website design has improved and has much better quality than the early days. And store owners and businessmen have to keep up the pace by updating and improving their existing sites. They do what it takes to make them more catchy and interactive so that they could attract people to visit their sites.

However, what you have is a sales copy. And it is best to create a site with only one page.

Good sales copy is:

  • Engaging: it focuses on reader benefits;
  • Clear: it is easy to read and easy to understand;
  • Concise: sales copy doesn’t use more words than necessary;
  • Persuasive: it encourages a reader to take action.


For people to focus on your words, use a white background for your site. Sales copy is good if your readers take the action you want them to take.

Have your sales copy attractive and appealing to the people.

People would love to read more of your sales copy if you put more intense to the benefits that the people could acquire from you. Place the best benefits at the top or on the front of your copy. Your headline should get the visitors excited to read another sentence, and another sentence, and another sentence!

Boost your offers.

An offer that represents a terrific value for your targeted audience could impress and attract future potential buyers.

People are naturally born with laziness – we want everything instant, we are willing to pay much money to get something solved as easy and quick as possible. Learn more about the basic human psychology and use such advantages to boost up your sales copy.


Make your sales copy easy to read, to digest, and to comprehend.

Lengthy and bundled up sales copy tends to look dull and uninteresting. And whenever your sales copy is as dull as dishwater, people will never read your sales copy. A glance with that kind of sales copy will push people to discontinue reading. It’s human basic instinct! People just don’t want to read long passages. Use small segments, and break your sales copy into small paragraphs.

Make certain benefits stand out, put emphasis on the important words so that every time a wandering visitor takes a glance at your sales copy and found words that are quite interesting to his part, he would stop for a while and continue reading.


Place yourself in your visitor’s shoes.

It is best to adjust your point-of-view similar to your visitors’. You might think your website is at its best, but your visitors think of it otherwise. See what catches your eyes, see what doesn’t, and improve more and more.

So check out your sales copy today, and apply these strategies down. If done correctly, voila, you’ve got increased conversion in sales, and that means more money rushing into the bank!

Guide Your Customers to Think of You First

If you don’t guide your customers to think of you first, they may forget you and go instead to your competition, regardless on your splendid performance and service you provided. You must develop a level of familiarity and presence that makes you unforgettable.

Generate sales more by using this strategy to lure your customers to always think of you first.

  • Build a relationship

Just like animal trainers, they spend two to three hours a day building relationship with their animals. Even average pet owners try and exert effort to build trust with their pets – giving them treats as a reward on perfecting a trick.

As the owner of the business, building relationships with your customers is essential. Find a way to build your relationship with each one of them. Relationship-building activities keep you in the forefront of your customers’ minds; these could have a positive impact whenever a customer thinks of you and the value you added to routine service.

  • Consistently impress your customers

It is a need to be consistent with your customers so they would know what to expect from you and how much they can depend on you. If you consistently deliver what your customers want without being asked, you’ll be the first one they think of because you have made yourself indispensable. If you give them consistent good results, they would definitely remember you first!

  • Recognize each customer’s needs and meet them

Like animals, customers also have needs, the do business with you if you can meet, anticipate, and predictably fulfill those needs. To meet these needs, you must set a moment with your customers to get to know them individually. Your familiarity with them will help you distinguish what their specific needs are, allowing you to better meet them.

Some would think you are favoring a client for whom you’re going a bit out of your way, explain it to them that you are not giving special treatment so much as you are meeting one particular customer’s different needs – you are committed to meet all needs equally.

  • Learn from your customers

As the learning of your customers’ needs is in process, you also have to learn as much as you can about the details of their business, the roles and the relationships within the organization. Be willing to go in to their business and learn the peculiarities, habits, and the quirks of the company. Once you’ve learn enough about them, you begin to look like one of their team, perceiving them that you are a part of their internal team as opposed to being perceived as a sale person who just comes in to make a sale.

  • Become a resource

You must seek to become a full-service resource if you want your customers to think of you first. If you can demonstrate that you are capable to meet all of their needs, you’ll be the first person they would think of when they have new needs that you could either meet or give them a referral to someone who can.

A simple rule of thumb, always go above and beyond what your competition is doing to provide the services for the customer. You’ll be surprise what you could obtain by doing more what you can do.

Good Communication – Simple, yet Effective Method to Increase your Sales

Do you really know what your customer wants? Instead of assuming that you’re aware of their wants, why not asking them personally and listen to the customer, finding out what it is that they REALLY want.

  1. Give your customers benefits, not features.

As a customer, he/she isn’t interested on the ins and outs of your products. What inculcates to his/her mind would be “what’s in it for me?”

Feed them with benefits, save the minor details for a secondary page that’s NOT in your home page.


  1. Constantly communicate with your potential buyers.

It takes at least 7 views of your products to get interested parties to buy them. If people keep visiting your site, and keep on asking informative questions, there’s a big possibility that they are interested in buying your products. They wouldn’t keep on visiting your site and request for information if they weren’t interested.  Keep them informed about your news and updates.


Another tip would be using “Bookmark this page” links, or “tell friends about this page” links. It’s a good practice to use such tool so you could attract potential buyers to visit your page. You never know, one of them might be your potential buyer in the future.


  1. Encourage site visitors to ask questions.

This is a form of interaction. Extend your open arms to every net surfer and encourage them to ask questions without any hesitations in mind. Convince them that it’s not a waste of time and it’s not a bother for you if they would request even the littlest information.


  1. Make customers’ experience easy.

Sometimes, customers get irritated when you keep asking them questions. Make them feel comfortable by not asking too much information.


If you still need more information, you could make a follow up later on. Customers don’t want complicated and lengthy process. Be sure you impress them in a short period of time.

You’ll gain more trust and credibility with your site visitors and potential buyers if you keep your communication lines open to them. These tips would definitely boost your sales in no time!