The Power of Follow-ups

The following up process is an important element of the sales process for many key reasons. Such process demonstrates your commitment to customer service, builds your customers’ loyalty, and helps generate repeat sales. Other reasons would be:

  • Follow Ups make your customers feel important.

By following up after your initial contact with a customer, it tells him/her that you are serious about doing business with him/her.

  • Follow Ups show that you care.

This shows you’re not that greedy enough to think of your own benefits.  You could get feedbacks from your customers if you give a follow up. This way you could correct anything that your customer was not happy with your product.

  • Follow Ups could increase sales opportunities.

After your initial meeting with your customer, one of two things happened. Either you got the sale, or your customer left still undecided.

If you got the sale, following up with your customer is important for reason stated in number two, plus you have an opportunity to upsell. But if you are left with an indecisive customer, a follow up could convince them to come up a good decision that both of you can be benefited from it.

Make your customer be aware of your intentions to follow up with them before they leave your desk, or hang up the phone. Customers remember businesses that provide good customer service. The simple step of following up a sale to ask what your customer thinks of your product will make them feel valued. They are also more likely to tell others about your business.

Follow-up should also be completed after the sale is completed. A quick telephone call after your product or service has been delivered confirms their decision to buy from you. Make it an effort to send every client a handwritten thank-you card once the sale has been confirmed and again when the services they requested have been delivered.

You can easily differentiate yourself from your competition by making the effort to follow-up with your prospects and customers. Don’t take it for granted that they will call you. Be proactive and contact them.

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