Guide Your Customers to Think of You First

If you don’t guide your customers to think of you first, they may forget you and go instead to your competition, regardless on your splendid performance and service you provided. You must develop a level of familiarity and presence that makes you unforgettable.

Generate sales more by using this strategy to lure your customers to always think of you first.

  • Build a relationship

Just like animal trainers, they spend two to three hours a day building relationship with their animals. Even average pet owners try and exert effort to build trust with their pets – giving them treats as a reward on perfecting a trick.

As the owner of the business, building relationships with your customers is essential. Find a way to build your relationship with each one of them. Relationship-building activities keep you in the forefront of your customers’ minds; these could have a positive impact whenever a customer thinks of you and the value you added to routine service.

  • Consistently impress your customers

It is a need to be consistent with your customers so they would know what to expect from you and how much they can depend on you. If you consistently deliver what your customers want without being asked, you’ll be the first one they think of because you have made yourself indispensable. If you give them consistent good results, they would definitely remember you first!

  • Recognize each customer’s needs and meet them

Like animals, customers also have needs, the do business with you if you can meet, anticipate, and predictably fulfill those needs. To meet these needs, you must set a moment with your customers to get to know them individually. Your familiarity with them will help you distinguish what their specific needs are, allowing you to better meet them.

Some would think you are favoring a client for whom you’re going a bit out of your way, explain it to them that you are not giving special treatment so much as you are meeting one particular customer’s different needs – you are committed to meet all needs equally.

  • Learn from your customers

As the learning of your customers’ needs is in process, you also have to learn as much as you can about the details of their business, the roles and the relationships within the organization. Be willing to go in to their business and learn the peculiarities, habits, and the quirks of the company. Once you’ve learn enough about them, you begin to look like one of their team, perceiving them that you are a part of their internal team as opposed to being perceived as a sale person who just comes in to make a sale.

  • Become a resource

You must seek to become a full-service resource if you want your customers to think of you first. If you can demonstrate that you are capable to meet all of their needs, you’ll be the first person they would think of when they have new needs that you could either meet or give them a referral to someone who can.

A simple rule of thumb, always go above and beyond what your competition is doing to provide the services for the customer. You’ll be surprise what you could obtain by doing more what you can do.

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