Good Communication – Simple, yet Effective Method to Increase your Sales

Do you really know what your customer wants? Instead of assuming that you’re aware of their wants, why not asking them personally and listen to the customer, finding out what it is that they REALLY want.

  1. Give your customers benefits, not features.

As a customer, he/she isn’t interested on the ins and outs of your products. What inculcates to his/her mind would be “what’s in it for me?”

Feed them with benefits, save the minor details for a secondary page that’s NOT in your home page.


  1. Constantly communicate with your potential buyers.

It takes at least 7 views of your products to get interested parties to buy them. If people keep visiting your site, and keep on asking informative questions, there’s a big possibility that they are interested in buying your products. They wouldn’t keep on visiting your site and request for information if they weren’t interested.  Keep them informed about your news and updates.


Another tip would be using “Bookmark this page” links, or “tell friends about this page” links. It’s a good practice to use such tool so you could attract potential buyers to visit your page. You never know, one of them might be your potential buyer in the future.


  1. Encourage site visitors to ask questions.

This is a form of interaction. Extend your open arms to every net surfer and encourage them to ask questions without any hesitations in mind. Convince them that it’s not a waste of time and it’s not a bother for you if they would request even the littlest information.


  1. Make customers’ experience easy.

Sometimes, customers get irritated when you keep asking them questions. Make them feel comfortable by not asking too much information.


If you still need more information, you could make a follow up later on. Customers don’t want complicated and lengthy process. Be sure you impress them in a short period of time.

You’ll gain more trust and credibility with your site visitors and potential buyers if you keep your communication lines open to them. These tips would definitely boost your sales in no time!

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