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3 Easy Ways to Get You Started in Increasing Your Sales

You must be that eager to master the Midas’ touch since you’ve reached this article. And I bet you’re willing to learn hundreds or thousands of sales techniques to induce the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale. You don’t have to worry. Here, you only have to learn three easy sales techniques that guarantee customer satisfaction and more profitable services.

  1. Go Supersize!

The real marketing term would be UPSELLING, but I bet “SUPERSIZE” caught much of your attention, and it sounds more interesting than upselling. Upselling usually involves marketing more profitable services or products but can be simply exposing the customer to other options that were perhaps not considered.

One example I could give you would associates an incident in McDonalds. Every time you finished delivering your order, they would always say “Would you like to SUPERSIZE that?”

That phrase would give us the instinctive response, “YES!”

After all, for a few cents more we’re getting nearly twice the amount of fries and beverages. It convincingly gives us a good deal.

In connection with this, when your costumers start reaching their pockets or wallets, that’s the perfect timing you need to shell out just few more bucks to sweeten the deal. 50% would say YES without any second thoughts. It’s the best time to offer upgrades or extra warranties.

  1. After-the-Sale Offers

A customer, who is happy with the product and service you’ve provided the first time, is much more open for the second experience. Believe it or not, first impressions last. So better treat first-time customers extra care, but don’t neglect your regular customers also.

  1. Reward Referrals

Many businesses grow by second-hand information. If you want yours to be one of them, consider giving people incentives to get the word out about your business. This is one way to motivate people to keep the kind words–and business–coming.

Offer personal gifts to your loyal customers. The gesture need not be repeated every time they refer someone; if they make several referrals let them know that the gift is to thank them for their ongoing support.

Create a referral discount system. One way to get customers to spread the word about your business is to give them a discount on products or services in return.

Give referrals. Sometimes, you have to give to get. By sending your customers to other local businesses (and letting those businesses know you did so), you’re making a favorable impression on those businesses. They’re likely to remember your generosity and do the same when they come across potential customers for you.

See how easy these three sales techniques are? Try it yourself; you’ll be very much surprised on how easy it is to increase your marketing effectiveness.