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5 Effective and Reliable Ways to Increase Online Sales

Internet contributed a lot in the world of business. As innovation and technologies evolved, small business owners are now able to reach global market inexpensively, selling anything from apparel, collectibles, to computer software, services, and coaching.
If you want your small business boost its sales, you should take advantage on whatever the internet has offered to you.
Here are 5 effective and reliable ways to increase your online sales:
1. Offer one product or service on your home page.
If you are selling a number of products or services on your website, I recommend you test whether or not this is the best strategy for you.
It’s all about focus. If you offer just one product – or one set of related products – the customer could focus on the key set of benefits. You don’t have to stop selling your other products – you can always offer to your customers from other web pages or by using follow-up offers.
2. Add impact to your promotions with hover ads.
Pop –ups have been very useful, online marketing tools for years. They are the small windows containing a special offer or other information that sometimes “pop up” when you visit a website. But pop-ups are quite irritating to some of the visitors, and internet users have the prerogative to choose whether or not they want to view the pop-ups.
We have discovered a very impressive technology that actually lets you use ads that behave like pop-ups but that aren’t pop-ups – they won’t get blocked. They are called hover ads, and they are worth testing on your site. Sales could increase by 162% when using hover ads. These ads are effective because they put important information, such as your opt-in offer or a special limited-time promotion, right in front of your targeted visitors.
3. Remove any references to “buying” from the top fold.
Net surfers usually go online looking for free information; so you first need to get them interested in what you have to say by relating to a problem they’re facing, and how you can solve it. If you start sales pitch too early, you might lose your potential customers before you’ve had the chance to hook them.
4. Boost your products’ desirability by adding images.
Placing images of your products make them seem more “real” to you visitors. But sometimes revealing them too early in the sale process can decrease the sale.
Testing is needed if you’re going to use this tip. By carefully analyzing sales during each test, you’ll learn exactly where and when to place product images for maximum impact.